We are developing a strategic simulation game that follows the history of the Yom Kippur war of October 1973.. This war is also known as The October War and in the Arab World as the Ramadan War.

The war was fought between Arab countries and Israel with the most modern weapons and also involved diplomatically Soviet Union and the United States. The game will involve intricacies of battlefield strategies as well as complex political maneuvering by both sides.

Our focus is on fun to play but also on historical accuracy. We strive for this game to faithfully present and follow the actual events, battles, politics and real historical characters. The game will let you make decisions the way actual Israeli high command had to make them.

The player will be able to examine actual photographs from the war as well as videos and documents.

If you actually took part in the 1973 war, then we appreciate if you could share your stories. If you have photos, memorabilia, videos etc. please share these with us so we can include them in out game project. We want to present to our game players as much as possible of the real war information. This game is thought by us as a both; entertainment and education. An “edutainment”. We see this project as part of an actual analysis and research of the Yom Kippur war. Playing this game will familiarize one with the actual events, their importance and consequences for the Middle East and for the world at large.

In particular we have very little material from the Arab side of the conflict. If you are an Arab soldier that took part in this war, or have any Arab side media material from these events, then please share these with us as well as tell us the actual war stories that you know.

Any large files, including video, can be submitted using www.wetransfer.com.  Send us the appropriate link to the email address: daniel@magamingstudio.com

Daniel Wencel

Media Alliance Gaming Studio, Inc

We welcome people that would like to cooperate in this project.

Please contact us via email.

You are also welcome to post your suggestions and comments on our forum on this website.

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