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Israeli IDF Order of Battle October, 1973:

Supreme Commander – Prime Minister Mrs. Golda Meir

Defense Minister – General Moshe Dayan

Chief of Staff: Lt General David “Dado” Elazar

Deputy Chief of Staff: Major General Israel “Talik” Tal

Chief of Intelligence: Major General Eliezer Zeira

Southern Command (Egypt): Major General Shmuel “Gorodish” Gonen

Northern Command (Syria, Golan): Major General Yitzhak “Haka” Hofi

IDF, Syrian front Order of Battle – October 1973:


Northern Command Order of Battle – Syrian Front :

36th Division:

 Division Commander: Brig. Gen. Rafael (Raful) Eitan

Deputy Division Commander: Brig. Gen. (res.) Menachem (Men) Aviram

Chief of Staff:

Brigades Commanders:

7th  (armoured) Brigade Col Avigdor “Yanush” Ben Gal; ( 107 tanks)

 -77th armoured Battalion under Lt. Col. Avigdor Kahalani (44 tanks)
– 82nd armoured Battalion (Maj. Haim Barak)
(33 tanks)
-75th Mechanized Battalion under
Lt. Col. Yos Eldar and his deputy Maj. Yossi Melamed

– 71th Mechanized Battalion under Lt. Col. Meshulam Rats (30 tanks) killed Oct 9 at Valley of Tears, after Oct 9th Lt.Col Amos Katz, who has returned from the USA. The 71st included Jews returning from abroad and wounded soldiers that have recovered during the war. Hence 71st was called Katz Force.

188th  (armoured) Brigade “Barak” Col Yitzhak Ben Shoham then, after midday Oct 7th , Yoav Vaspi (72 tanks, Centurions), then after Oct 8 Col. Yossi Ben Hanan commanded remnants of the 188th , which was put under command of the 7th Brigade. This unit was known as Ben Hanan Force.

-53rd armoured Battalion (Maj.  Oded Erez)
– 74th armoured Battalion (Lt. Col. Yair Nafshi) , Later, after Oct 8th, transferred to 7th Brigade.

-39th armoured Battalion (Col. Yoav Vaspi – killed in action against 9th Div Oct 19th, then Lt.Col. Haim Porat)

– xxth armoured of Artillery Corps school? Battalion (Amos)?

1st  (infantry) Brigade “Golani” Col Amir Drori;

-17th Infantry Battalion. Special Forces Unit under the command of Col. Amir Drori
-12th Infantry Battalion (Lt. Col. Yaakov Shachar)
-13th Infantry Battalion (Lt. Col. Zeev Oren, on Mt. Hermon)
-51st Infantry Battalion (Maj. Yudka Peled)

-335th Artillery Battalion

7th  Div artillery support:

-334th Artillery Battalion under the command of Col. Arieh (Schwartz) Shacham. Had two 160mm self-propelled mortar batteries and a 155mm SPG battery

-412th Artillery Battalion (175mm cannon)

-846th Artillery Battalion (130mm guns)

-270th Artillery Rocket Launcher Battalion (240mm BM-11)

-822nd  Artillery Battalion (Priest 105mm)

-871st  Artillery Battalion – medium range battery

317th Reserve Paratrooper Brigade under the command of Col. Haim Nadel. (From Oct 11 attached to 210th Division ). Includes

– 471st Battalion under Lt.Col. Hezi Shelach;

-567th Paratroop Battalion (Col. Elisha Shelem)
-582nd Recon/AT Battalion (Shanuri)

210th Division:

 Division Commander: Major General Dan Lanner and his deputy

Deputy Division Commander: Col. Moshe Bar-Kochva (Brill)

Chief of Staff:

Brigades Commanders:

679th  (armoured) Brigade -Col. Uri Orr,;

( – 3rd Battalion under Nati Golan;) NEVER EXISTED??

-57th armoured Battalion (Lt. Col. Moshe Harel)
-93rd armoured Battalion (Lt. Col. Ran Gottfried)
-289 armoured Battalion (Lt. Col. Raful Shefer)

179th  (armoured) Brigade -Col. Ran Sarig ;

-96th armoured Battalion (Lt. Col. Israel Levin)
-266th armoured Battalion (Lt. Col. Uzi Mor)
-134th Reconnaissance armoured Battalion (Lt. Col. Hanani Tavor) “shot Kal” Centurion tanks

-278th armoured Battalion (Yosi Amir) [transferred later to 9th Brigade]

205th (armoured) Brigade Col Ben Yossi Peled (Oct 12 transferd to 210th Division from 146th Div)

-61st armoured Battalion (Lt.Col. Moshe Mehler)
-94th armoured Battalion (Jacobsen)
-125th armoured Battalion (Thoren)

282d Artillery Group under the command of Col. Moshe Levi. Have two 105mm self-propelled Priest batteries

212th Artillery Regiment under Col. Benni Arad;


146th Division:

 Division Commander: Brig Gen Moshe “Musa” Peled

Deputy Division Commander:

Chief of Staff:

Brigades Commanders:

4th (armoured) Brigade – Col. Yaakov “Pepper” Hadar;

-95 armoured Battalion (Lt. Col. Yaakov Noifeld) – Sherman M-50 and M-51 tanks
-42d Mechanized Battalion – Lt. Col. Moshe Meler

-288th Reconnaissance Battalion (Lt.Col. Zvi Dahab)

9th (armoured) Brigade – Col. Mordechai Ben Porat;

-595th armoured Battalion (Lt. Col. Benzion Paden) I SEE NO REFERENCES FOR THIS BAT. ON THE WEB OR ASHER BOOK?
-11th Mechanized Battalion (Elpenboym)  NO PROOF IT EXISTED ??
-91st Mechanized Battalion (Lt. Col. Egozi – killed at Umm-Butna Oct 19)

-377th armoured Battalion (Lt. Col. Ben Zion Padan)

670th (armoured) Brigade – Col Gideon Gordon (also called 70th Brig by Dunstan);
-58th Mechanized Battalion (Kelly)
Mechanized Battalion (Atzmon)
-268th armoured Battalion (Leshem)
-181st armoured Battalion  
(30 Sherman tanks) under the command of Maj. (res.) Reuven Ben Alon

213th Artillery Regiment – Col. Daniel Avidar


35th  Brigade under Lt. Col. Kobi Bendal and his deputy Maj. Menachem Zatorski

50th Paratroop Battalion under Maj. Menachem Zatorski, (at the southern strongpoints)

820th Territorial (or District) Brigade under the command of Col. Zvi Bar (Barzani).  820th Brigade— regional brigade, responsible for the entire Golan Heights front, with two battalions under its command performing operational activity on the outposts line (eleven manned outposts on the line and on Mount Hermon with twelve combat soldiers in each outpost)

-50th Infantry Battalion


483rd “Egoz” Command Reconnaissance Unit under the command of Lt. Col. Avi Telem


744th Artillery Command Headquarters under the command of Lt. Col. Avraham Bar David

405th Artillery Battalion under the command of Maj. Arieh Mizrachi

55th Artillery Battalion under the command of Lt. Col. Shraga Ben Zvi (175 mm batteries)

No. 9 Artillery Battalion under the command of Lt. Col. Ben Ami Cohen


Central Command (placed in the North)

612th Regional Valleys Brigade in charge of the Jordan Valley and the Beit She’an Valley, under the command of Col. Yehezkel Ravid.



Syrian Forces – order of battle:

5th Infantry Division: Brig. General Ali Aslan
112th Infantry Brigade
61st Infantry Brigade
132nd Mechanised Brigade
47th Independent Tank Brigade
50th Artillery Brigade
7th Infantry Division: Brig. General Omar Abrash

68th Infantry Brigade
85th Infantry Brigade
121st Mechanised Brigade
78th Independent Tank Brigade
70th Artillery Brigade
Moroccan Brigade (30 T-55) (attached)

9th Infantry Division: Col. Hassan Tourkmani
52nd Infantry Brigade
33rd Infantry Brigade
43rd Mechanised Brigade
51st Tank Brigade (T-55)
89th Artillery Brigade

1st Armoured Division: Col. Tewfig Jehani
91st Tank Brigade (T-62)
4th Tank Brigade (T-55)
2nd Mechanised Brigade (40 T-55)
64th Artillery Brigade (54 guns including 18 T34/122mm SP Guns)

3rd Armoured Division: Brig. General Mustapha Sharba
20th Tank Brigade (T-55)
65th Tank Brigade (T-55)
15th Mechanised Brigade
13th Artillery Brigade
81st Tank Brigade (T-62) (attached)

Independent Brigades:
Assad Republican Guard (T-62 & BMP)

Army Level Assets:
Artillery Brigade (36 180mm guns)
69th Rocket Artillery Brigade (FROG-7)

General Headquarters Forces: Maj General Yousef Chakour
70th Tank Brigade
141st Tank Brigade
81st Tank Brigade (T-62) (attached to 3rd Armoured Division)
62nd Mechanised Brigade
30th Infantry Brigade
90th Infantry Brigade
1st Commando Group
82nd Parachute Regiment
Additional Artillery Brigades

3rd Iraqi Armoured Division:

  • 6th Armoured Brigade (130 Tanks)
  • 12th Armoured Brigade (130 Tanks) commander Maj. Zuhir Qassam Shukri
  • 8th Mechanised Brigade (50 Tanks)
  • 20th Infantry Brigade
  • 5th Mountain Infantry Brigade
  • Special Forces Brigade

Second Iraqi Infantry Division – Did not enter combat:

  • Unknown organization

Jordanian Contingent:

  • 40th  Jordanian Armoured Brigade (Centurions M113)
  • 92d Additional Armoured Brigade, did not take part in battle

Moroccan Expeditionary Force:

  • 1 x Armoured Regiment, which included an infantry battalion and an armoured battalion

Saudi Arabia:

  • 1 x AML armoured vehicle
  • e battalion (no tanks)


Armed: 9th with T-54/ 55 tanks. The 5th and 7th Divisions each had two infantry brigades, one mechanized brigade and one armored brigade, as well as an Artillery Group and Division units. The 9th Division did not have a mechanized brigade. • Two armored divisions— the 1st and the 3rd, with T-62 tanks, each with two tank brigades, a mechanized brigade, an Artillery Group and Division units • Two independent armored brigades— the 51st and the 47th, and an independent mechanized brigade— the 62nd • 1500 tanks • 1000 artillery gun barrels • Seven commando and paratrooper battalions • Rifaat al-Assad Force— assigned to secure the regime that included two tank battalions and elite infantry forces • “FROG” SS rocket. launchers • Thirty-six SAM batteries, half of them SA-6 • Air Force— 178 MiG-21 fighter jets, 114 other fighter jets, forty-five helicopters • Navy— nine missile boats, thirteen torpedo boats: Data from “Inside Israel’s Northern Command” by Gen. Dani Asher, page 45





IDF Order of Battle – Egypt/Sinai Front October 1973

Southern Command Command:

Actual Front Commander: Lt.-Gen. Haim Bar Lev

Formal Front Commander: Maj.-Gen Shmuel Gonen

Deputy Front Commander: Brig.-Gen. Uri Ben Ari

Front Command’s Chief of Staff: Brig.-Gen. Asher Levi


143rd Division Division

Commander: Major General Ariel Sharon

Deputy Division Commander: Col. Yaakov Even

Divisional Chief of Staff: Col. Gideon Altshuller


Brigades Commanders:

14th (armored)-Col. Amnon Reshef Reshef reviewed those sitting opposite him. Most of them were, in a way, regenerations: (24 tanks) Armoured Battalion’s commander, Col. Almog, replaced Maj. Shaul Shalev, who had been killed on October 9th; 79th (22 tanks) Armoured Battalion Commander, Col. Amram Mitzna, replaced Col. Moni Nitzani who had been wounded in action on the second day of fighting. Reconnaissance Battalion commander, Maj. Yoav Brome, replaced the killed Col. Benzion Carmeli. Next to 87th Armoured Reconnaissance Battalion commander, Col. Moshe Spector; Officers Academy Cadets Battalion Commander, Maj. Zamir, and Maj. Shmuel Arad, commander of Shmulik Force Paratroopers unit (Shmulik Force included 202nd Battalion that was sometimes assigned to 252d Division). 407th Armoured battalion commander, transferred from the 600th Brigade, Captain Yeshayahu Beitel. He replaced Lt.-Col. Oved Maoz whose brother had been killed in action; 424th Mechanized Battalion; 582th Mechanized Paratroopers Battalion, commander Shunari (attached to 14th Brig Oct 15th from Golan); 111th (?) Mechanized Battalion.

421st (armored)-Col. Haim Erez; Brigade’s 257th Armored Battalion, assigned with delivering the Roller Bridge, Commander Lt.-Col. Shimon Ben-Shoshan; 264th Battalion, under Maj. Giora Lev; 599th Battalion (called Harif Force), under Maj. Ami Morag,

600th (armored)-Col. Tuvia Raviv:  410th Battalion Commander Col. (ret.) Yehudah Geller; Battalion 409th

247th Airborne Brigade (paratroopers)-Col. Danni Matt (also known as 35th or 55th??); 565th Battalion, commanded by the Bravery Award (“Ott Ha’oz”) owner Lt.-Col. Dan Ziv; the 564th Battalion;  the 416th Battalion, commanded by Lt.-Col. Zvi “Zviki” Nur, the Brigade’s Reconnaissance Battalion and Engineers Company. All of the commanders of these units, just like most of their men, were battle-hardened paratroopers; 630th Pontoon Battalion with tank pontoons.

162nd Division:

 Division Commander: Major General Avraham “Bren” Adan

Deputy Division Commander: Brig.-Gen. Dov Tamari

Chief of Staff: Col. Ami Radian


Brigades Commanders:

217th (armored)-Col. Natan “Natke” Nir: 126th Battalion under Lt-Col Giora Koppel (after Oct 19th Maj. Micha) this battalion was transfered to 11th Brigade around Oct 8-9; 113th Battalion under Lt-Col Zeev Ram; 142nd Battalion under ?? (badly hit in Oct 8 attack)

460th (armored)-Col. Gabi Amir; 71 armoured tank Battalion “Battalion Miktsoot” (LTC Mishulam “Retes” Karmel), This battalion (the 71st) was detached from the brigade shortly before the war, sent to the Golan, and eventually fought with 7th Brigade; 196th armoured tank Battalion “Battalion Kamat” (LTC Amram “Mitsny” Mitzna), NOTE: When LTC Mitsna was wounded on the night of Oct 15/16 in the Chinese farm fighting and the battalion was reduced to six tanks, its survivors were absorbed by the other units of 14th Armored Brigade but its number (196th Tank Battalion) was shifted to Task Force Lapidot in Adan’s division.) ; 198th armoured tank Battalion “Battalion Kakash” (LTC Amir Yaffe). On Oct 14th a new battalion 100th was attached to this Brigade. It was made up of Jews returning for the war from abroad. It was an armoured unit with 20 tanks under Lt-Col Ehud Brog (later Ehud Barak the Israeli PM); 19th  Battalion armoured under Maj. Eli Zeira.


500th (armored)Brigade -Col. Arieh Keren: 433th Battalion,.  ? Col. Eliashiv Shemshi battalion, 430th Battalion

35th (paratroopers)-Col. Uzi Yairi; the 890th Paratroopers Battalion under Lt.-Col. Yitzchak Mordechai,


252nd Division Division

Commander: Major General Kalman Magen

Deputy Division Commander: Brig.-Gen. Baruch “Pinko” Harel

Divisional Chief of Staff: Lt.-Col. Gideon Avidor


Brigades Commanders:

 -875th (armored)-Col. Arieh “Biro” Dayan

 -164th (armored)-Col. Avraham Baram

 -401st (armored)-Col. Dan Shomron: ; the 46th Battalion under

 -52nd Battalion, 15 tanks


Tiger Force (ad hoc division-strong armored force – force, first commanded by Major Ganeral Kalman Magen, and then, by Brig.-Gen. Sasson Yitzchaki.

Commander: Brig.-Gen. Sasson Yitzchaki

Deputy Commander: Col. Shmuel Albek

Brigades Commanders:

 11th (armored)-Col. Aharon “Pedale” Col Arahon Pedaleh

204th (armored)-Col. Zvi Ram

274th (armored)-Col. Yoel Gonen

275th (logistics)-Col. Pinchas “Alush” Noy.


Reserve Sinai Division: Defense and administration of the rear zone in the Sinai. commanded by Major Ganeral Menachem Meron.

Division was exclusively equipped with the captured Russian T54, T55s from 1967 war.

This was just a division like military formation and not a real, full fledged division. (ref. The Yom Kippur War book by Gen Avraham Adan page 191)


Other Forces:

116th territorial infantry brigade “Etzioni”

68th infantry battalion (detached from 116th brigade)

904th Nachal Unit, (whose soldiers served mostly on agricultural settlements)

Ref: Sakal, Emanuel. Soldier in the Sinai: A General’s Account of the Yom Kippur War (Foreign Military Studies) (Kindle Location 1974). The University Press of Kentucky. Kindle Edition.

605th Bridging Battalion, stationed near Haifa next to the IAF’s Technical Corps. Its founder and first commander was Avi Zohar. Constantly building up and developing new systems like “Alligators”. This battalion was under command of Gen Sharon, but not exclusively.

NOTE1: What Herzog and Dupuy list as the 19th Reserve Armored Brigade was actually the 9th “Oded” Mechanized brigade. That’s an artifact of Herzog altering all of the one-digit and three-digit reserve brigade IDs to two digits by either dropping a digit or adding a digit, and calling all the mechanized brigades armored.

NOTE2: Unexplained note Ezov Kindle book loc 3872 “634th Battalion Deputy Commander Maj. Amikam Doron,” What battalion was this?

Armored Brigade:
* 2 Tank Battalions
* 1 Mechanized Infantry/Paratrooper Battalion
* 1 Battalion of 2 Self-Popelled Mortar Batteries
* 1 Self-Propelled Anti-Tank Company
* 1 Reconnaissance Company

Mechanized Brigade:
* 3 Mechanized Infantry/Paratrooper Battalions
* 1 Tank Battalion
* 1 Self-Propelled Anti-Tank Company

Tank Battalion:
* 3 to 4 Tank Companies
* 1 Support Company

IDF Tank Company:
* Company HQ: (2 Tanks)
* 3 Platoons: (3 Tanks Each)

Support Company:
* 4 Recee Jeeps or 4 M3 Half-tracks or 4 M113’s

Mechanized Infantry Battalion:
* 3 Mechanized Infantry Companies
* 1 Support Company

Mechanized Infantry/Paratroop Company:
* Company HQ (2 M3 Half-tracks or M113’s, Jeep, 6 Infantry)
* 3 Rifle Platoons

Rifle Platoon:
* Platoon HQ (M3 or M113, 10 Infantry w/ 1 mortar and 1 anti-tank weapon.
* 3 Rifle Sections (M3 or M113, 10 Infantry w/ 1 LMG, 1 anti-tank weapon each.)

Support Company:
* 6 M150 (TOW)
* 9 M125
* 1 M3 or M113 with FO
* 3 M3 or M113 with 6 .50 cal HMG (M113, M3 etc are armed personnel carriers)




General Command – Anwar Sadat, President of Egypt

War Minister and Commander in Chief, Ahmad Ismail Ali

Chief of Staff – Saad Mohamed Al Hussani Al Shazly
2nd Field Army, General Saad Mamoun/Genl. Abd el Munem Halil.
2nd Infantry Division, Brigadier General Ali Hassan Abu Saada:
4th Infantry Brigade
117th Infantry Brigade
120th Infantry Brigade
24th Armoured Brigade (attached from the 23rd Mechanised Division)
16th Infantry Division, Brigadier General Fuad ‘Aziz Ghali:
3rd Mechanized Infantry Brigade
16th Infantry Brigade
112th Infantry Brigade

18th Infantry Division, Brigadier General Abdel Rab Al Nabi Hafez:
134th Infantry Brigade
135th Infantry Brigade
136th Infantry Brigade
15th Independent Armoured Brigade (attached and equipped with T-62)
21st Armoured Division, Brigadier General Ibrahim Oraby :

1st Armoured Brigade
14th Armoured Brigade (detached initially)
18th Mechanised Brigade
23rd Mechanised Division, Brigadier General Ahmed Aboud el Zommer :
116th Mechanised Brigade
118th Mechanised Brigade

129 Commando Brigade

182nd Parachute Brigade

3rd Field Army, Major General Mohamed Abd El Al Monaam Wasel
4th  Armoured Division:
3rd Armoured Brigade
25th Independent Armoured Brigade (all T-62 tanks)
6th Mechanised Division:

22nd Armoured Brigade (attached from the 7th Mechanised Division)

113th Mechanised Brigade

7th  Infantry Division
19th Infantry Division:

130th Independent Marine Brigade, Col. Mahmud Sha’ib
GHQ Reserve, 1st Field Army

3rd Mechanised Infantry Division

Unknown Armoured Division:

Republican Presidential Guard “Brigade” (divisional strength):

Also included:

3 Parachute Brigades:
Western Command (Libya Border) & Southern Command (Aswan/Nile Valley/Sudan Border)
3 Armoured Brigades
2 Mechanised Brigades



Egyptian Front – Allied Arab forces:

  • Algeria: one Armoured Brigade
  • Libya: one Armoured Brigade
  • Morocco: one Infantry Brigade
  • Sudan: one Infantry Brigade
  • Tunisia: one Infantry Battalion
  • Kuwait: one  Infantry Battalion


NOTE: All the above information has been derived from many different sources. Some sources gave contradictory information. We strive to update and correct this information as more data becomes available.

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