Production Log

First version: player will operate as the Israeli High Command

Second version: player will operate as Egyptian High Command

Third Version: Multi-player mode. Player will be able to play with friends with one side operating as the Egyptians and the other side Israel.

Fourth Version: Player will be able to operate as the Soviets who come to their Arab allies rescue

December  2014 – Start of the project. General concept development. The game was to use emulator system.

June 2015 – New game production concept defined.

March 2015 – Company setup  and registered as a California Corporation.

May 14 2016 – First flowchart work commenced.

July 2016 – First version of the flowchart tree completed.

Aug 2016 – Defined system to develop proprietorial maps. Work on maps started.

Oct-Dec 2016 – Development of game control algorithms.

Jan 2017 – First full version of the historical events created in the flowchart tree format.

May 8th 2017 – Completed major revision of the Tree flowchart of the Northern war events. Introduction of the new system of the flowchart directory guides.

September 19 2017 – Signed a contract with a software studio in Poland to convert the Excel designed scenario into a working prototype using the Unity platform. Prototype will include dynamically generated maps. It will facilitate further game scenario design efforts. Today we commenced work on the prototype.

November 13 2017 – Started work on development of the battle outcome algorithm using the Monte Carlo System.

December 2017 – Work continues on development of Sinai and Haifa scenarios. New game designer  Adam, has joined the design team.

MAGS team was attending the GDC conference in San Francisco, March 19-23 2018.

June 3, 2018.  Final definition of the vertical slice prototype to be ready for testing November 1, 2018. We plan for that test to allow for completion of the detailed specification of the Sagger game project.